See The Footballer That Taught Messi How Top Play Free Kicks (Photo)


Diego Maradona has revealed how he helped teach Lionel Messi how to take free-kicks during his time as coach of La Albiceleste of Argentina.

Maradona stated that during the period between 2008 and 2010, Messi sort his assistance over how to take free-kicks.

According to Maradona, the advice he gave Messi is part of why the Barcelona star has improved in that aspect of football.

Speaking on Messi who scored 8 direct free-kicks for Barcelona last season, Maradona was quoted by Daily Mail saying:

“Messi had an issue with free-kicks. When we finished every training session, we kept Leo behind so he could practice, and he started to hit the post.

“I didn’t teach him how to take a free-kick, then he asked me how I was able to score.

“I said, ‘you just have to hit it in the middle. They aren’t going to give me an Oscar to teach you this’.

“And he replied, ‘but I hit it in the middle and the ball goes this way or that way’ and I told him,

“don’t worry, you’re going to make it’. Now he just can’t miss.”

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