Who Are You, My Husband Novel (Chapter 06)

Chapter 6 Why don’t you go to heaven?

Seeing the two walking towards him, Stephen smiled bitterly, and it was hard to pretend not to see them.

As soon as he was about to say hello, he heard his sister-in-law Hazel questioning: “Stephen, to be honest, do you know the seniors of the Matrix Heights Group?”

Yesterday, I went back and thought for a long time. Hazel and her daughter still doubt that Stephen, whom they have always looked down on, might really know the seniors of the Electron Group, or Secretary Lu could not be so polite to Stephen.

If Stephen really knows the senior executives of the Matrix Heights Group, then let Stephen come forward and say something good, maybe Demelza’s business will really have a chance to be negotiated.

“Yes.” Stephen nodded.

Demelza and Hazel’s eyes lit up when they heard, and they put on a pair of smiling faces instantly.

“Oh, I didn’t expect my son-in-law to be so prosperous. Tell mom, which senior do you know?” Demelza stared at Stephen with excitement.

This moment was the most pleasing to her eyes for Stephen in recent years.

The sister-in-law Hazel also looked at Stephen with excitement. In her eyes, for the first time in the past few years, Stephen was her real brother-in-law.

“I only know Thomas.” Stephen said truthfully.

In the entire Matrix Heights Group, he really only knew Thomas, as for all the executives in the Matrix Heights Group, he did not know any of them.

“You kid, how do you speak, you want to be called the richest man in Lu.” Although Demelza had an educated tone of Stephen, her face was full of smiles.

My son-in-law knows the richest man Lu, so my chances of success in his big business are even greater.

Stephen shrugged, a little speechless.

“By the way, brother-in-law, what is the relationship between you and the richest man Lu?” Olivia asked curiously.

“Thomas is my housekeeper. By the way, mom, did you go to Electron Group yesterday to discuss business? Did the talk go well? Would you like me to help?” Seeing the mother-in-law’s change in her attitude, Stephen I am also very happy.

Even if they used to have a lot of complaints about themselves, they were their mother-in-law after all, and he didn’t want to care about them.

But when the two of Demelza heard him, their entire faces went black in an instant.

The first richest man in St. David is your housekeeper, why don’t you go to heaven?

The mother and daughter agreed that Stephen came to make them happy.

“The richest man in Lu is your butler? Then I am still the world’s richest man in Forbes!” Hazel sneered, sarcastically.

“Okay, you Stephen, do you have the courage? Even I dare to start a shave?” Demelza was also angry. It may be that the hope that came back was shattered, making her hate Stephen like never before.

Stephen couldn’t laugh or cry. Why doesn’t anyone believe the truth?

“If you don’t take good care of Moana, where are you going to fool around?” Demelza asked sharply.

“Moana is asleep, I will come out to eat.” Stephen said truthfully.

“Eat, eat, you know how to eat, and sooner or later, you will die to death!” Demelza snorted and took Hazel into the hospital.

She came over today, besides questioning Stephen, she also took a look at her granddaughter.

Looking at the backs of Demelza and Hazel, Stephen spread his hands, but still took out the phone and called Thomas.

“Uncle Thomas, is Brent Pharma recently talking to you about a business? The person in charge is Demelza, their deputy sales director?” Stephen asked.

“The temperature has been a bit high recently. The company is planning to buy a batch of anti-heatstroke drugs and distribute two bottles to each employee. As for which pharmaceutical company to buy from, I don’t know.” Thomas said.

“Well, if it is Demelza from Brent Pharma, buy hers.” Stephen said.

“Okay. By the way, Master, Master wants to see you. If you have time, Master can fly over that day.” Thomas said.

JiStephen was startled, and said in silence: “I don’t want to see him yet.”

Thomas sighed and said: “The things that happened back then were not entirely to blame for the master, and the master was very guilty all these years. Do you know why the master has not remarried for ten years? Because the master feels sorry for you and his wife. And knows that you are here. After St. David, the master sent me to St. David to establish the Matrix Heights Group. The reason why I have not been looking for you is because the master knows your temper and said that unless you are in desperation, let me not disturb your life.”

Stephen trembled. Since ran away from home ten years ago, he has not asked about his father again, nor has he received a call from his father.

Of course, even if he receives it, he will hang up.

What makes his heart tremble is that when his mother died ten years ago, his father was only 36. He has not remarried even now.

In the past ten years, did he really live in guilt?

There was a silence for a while before Stephen slowly said, “I’ll talk about it when my daughter is cured.”

After all, it is his father, and he also wanted to drive over the years, the death of his mother. , More or less accidents, father was just careless temporarily.

“Okay, okay, I will tell the master right away, the master must be very happy to hear it.” Thomas said excitedly.

He came to St. David for ten years and became the richest man in St. David. In addition to helping his young master at a critical moment, he mainly waited for today’s young master to change his mind.

After Stephen hung up the phone, he went to the small noodle shop outside the hospital and ordered a bowl of small noodles. As soon as he was about to eat, he saw his sister-in-law Hazel calling.

“Stephen, Moana is gone, come back soon!” Hazel said anxiously.

Stephen smiled and said, “Moana has been transferred to the VIP area on the 19th floor, in room 2.”

“What? Did you transfer Moana to the VIP area? You Where does the money come from?” Hazel asked.

“Borrowed.” Stephen said lightly.

Anyway, he didn’t believe what he said, so there is no need to explain too much.

“Then what do you do when you find a bone marrow that matches Moana?” Hazel asked.

“Don’t worry, I won’t borrow from you, I have my own way.” Thinking of the scene where he failed to borrow money from Demelza a year ago and was directly bombarded by Demelza, Stephen vowed that he would never do it again in his life. He spoke to the old man’s family.

“Huh, like a prodigal like you, my old lady won’t lend you.” Demelza’s cold snort rang on the phone, and Stephen hung up.

“This rubbish, dare to hang up my phone, it’s really anti-spirit!” Demelza was very unhappy and returned the phone to her daughter, and took her to the 19th floor.

After finding the VIP area, seeing that Stephen had even hired a professional nurse to take care of Moana, Demelza scolded a few prodigal words in her heart.

The two sat there for a while, and Moana woke up. Although Demelza and Hazel didn’t wait to see Stephen, they felt distressed for Moana from the bottom of their hearts.

There was nothing in the afternoon. The two had planned to accompany Moana more, but before long, Demelza’s phone rang.

After she answered the phone, she kissed Moana a few times excitedly.

“Mom, who did it?” Hazel asked curiously.

“The manager of the Matrix Heights Group said that we should talk about cooperation in the afternoon.” Demelza said excitedly.

“Ah, great. Congratulations to my mother, I finally won the Grand Order of the Matrix Heights Group!” Hazel also said excitedly.

“Manager Zenn said that he didn’t want our medicines, but there was a noble person who helped us speak. The richest man Lu directly made the decision, but I don’t know who helped us with this great favor, so I have to thank the next person.” Demelza said.

“Will it be…” A figure appeared in Hazel’s mind, a little confused.



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