Who Are You, My Husband Novel (Chapter 04)

Chapter 4 Apologize to Stephen immediately

“Who are you? What do you do?” Kyle looked up at Stephen who suddenly broke into his office , Could not help but frowned.
“President Kyle, he is Stephen, a security guard. He has to see you, I can’t stop him.” The secretary hurriedly chased Stephen in and explained.
She looked at Stephen angrily. She hadn’t seen such a lackluster man before, and she pushed her away without letting him in.

“Stephen from the Security Department…” Kyle nodded, remembering that David seemed to have told him that Stephen would be fired in the morning.
“Yes, it’s me.” Stephen sat down on the chair opposite Kyle’s desk and looked at him calmly.
“You can fire me, but why don’t you pay me a salary? Even the deposit is not refunded? Mr. Kyle, please give me an explanation.” Stephen said calmly.
Kyle frowned and said, “I heard about firing you. You often absent from work for no reason. Our company definitely can’t afford you. It is my intention and the company’s policy not to pay you. .”

Since David told him about this, he still has to show David some face.
After all, David is the company’s business director, and his personal strength is also very strong. He brings a lot of business orders to the company every year.
And Stephen is nothing more than a small security guard, and of course he doesn’t take Stephen seriously.

“Company regulations? Then why have I never heard of them? Isn’t the company regulations used to regulate employees?” Stephen was a little angry. Now he inherited the family property, he doesn’t care about this salary, but this is the principle problem.
The company clearly does not have this requirement, and he is not absent from work for no reason. Every time he asks for leave, he is approved.

Kyle is going to help David bully him. Is he really just a little security guard?
“I am the boss of the company. I said that if there is this regulation, there is this regulation. If you have the ability to be a boss, you can also make rules at will.” Kyle looked at Stephen jokingly. Since he decided to help David, I don’t care about a small role like Stephen anymore.
This kind of small role, let him go to collapse, he can’t make any fart.
“Are you sure you want to eat my money?” Stephen said with an angrily smile.

Before today, if he was bullied like this, he really couldn’t help it.
But it’s different now.
“You have to think so. If you don’t agree, you can call the police and let them deal with it. Okay, you are no longer an employee of our company, and you can go now.” Kyle shrugged and Stephen. Dusty appearance.
“President Kyle is President Kyle, arrogant enough.” Stephen smiled, and he gave Kyle a thumbs up. To tell the truth, he has never been insulted like this when he grows up so old.

Yes, in his opinion, Kyle is insulting him.
The mud bodhisattva also has a three-point anger. Stephen certainly won’t let it go after receiving such insults. Not everyone can insult him and dare to eat his money.
He looked at Kyle, then took out the phone and called Thomas.
“Uncle Thomas, how long will it take for Future Electronics to go bankrupt?” Stephen asked.
“That depends on the market value. If the market value is large, it may take longer. Of course, we will suffer a lot from bankruptcy of a normal company, but if the young master is sure to do it, there will be no problem.” Thomas Replied.

“The market value of Future Electronics is only one or two billion. How long will it take you personally?” Stephen didn’t bother to explain. Isn’t Kyle very good? Change the rules of the game at will, then he will help him to finish. Forget it.
“It’s only one or two billion. I thought it had a market value of tens of billions. This kind of small company can bankrupt them in half a day.”
“Okay, then I will see them go bankrupt within today.” Stephen said and hung up the phone.
He looked at Kyle and smiled faintly: “In this world, no one dares to eat my money for no reason. If I am unwilling, even if I only eat a penny from me, I will let him vomit out his stomach. .”

As he said, he got up and walked outside.
Kyle sneered, he didn’t care about Stephen’s boring threat.
If Stephen had the power to bankrupt his company, how could he come to his company as a security guard?
If Stephen knew what Kyle was thinking, he would definitely sneer.
The reason why I came to work in your company was because I didn’t want to go back and inherit the family property.
Now I have a showdown, let alone the city of St. David, even in the entire England, few people dare to have more money than Laozi.

Stephen left Kyle’s office and was about to go back to the hospital to accompany her daughter. Olivia just clamored for him to accompany her daughter today. She wanted to talk about business and make money, so let her talk about it.
As soon as Stephen walked to the front desk on the first floor of the company, he saw David and others at the front desk, seemingly waiting for him on purpose.
Yes, David was indeed here deliberately waiting to humiliate Stephen.
Yesterday, Stephen didn’t say anything to him, but also slapped him in the face severely. He is the one who will report to him, and of course he will not miss this opportunity.

“Isn’t this Stephen? I heard that you have asked Mr. Kyle for an explanation. Mr. Kyle should have satisfied your request.” David looked at Stephen sarcastically.
Richard and several security guards also smiled jokingly.
They were all veterans, dignified veterans, and they couldn’t fight anyone who had never been a soldier. This made them feel a little unhappy with Stephen.

Hearing that not only was Stephen fired, but he also couldn’t even get the salary deposit, these security guards were a little gloating in their hearts.
Stephen calmly looked at David with a sarcasm, then took out a cigarette, took a breath and smiled faintly: “Please continue your performance.”
Now first. Let him dance, he danced more happily, and when Future Electronics went bankrupt in the afternoon, Stephen really wanted to come and see if David couldn’t jump.

Hearing Stephen’s sarcasm, David’s expression suddenly changed. What annoyed him most was that Stephen was clearly desperate and had to pretend to be dead in front of him.
“Stephen, you are just a trash, what are you pretending to be in front of me?” David said in a deep voice.

“That’s right, Stephen, you are just a little security guard. Director David wants money and money, powers and rights. What qualifications do you have to offend Director David? Stephen, listen to me and ask Director David Apologize, otherwise you may not find a job in St. David.” Although Richard was trying to persuade Stephen, the truth is full of threats both inside and outside.
Stephen grinned and said, “A little sales director can also block me? Richard, are you making me laugh?”

Richard’s expression changed slightly, and he didn’t expect Stephen to be so unsure of what it is. , He snorted coldly, and didn’t say anything.
“Humph, although I’m just a small sales director, I fired you from the company in one sentence, and also made you unable to receive your salary and the deposit. Stephen, tell you the truth, fire you This is exactly what I meant. I really don’t understand.

What are you fighting with me? You are so awesome. Then you can get the salary deposit before you leave, or let President Kyle take back and expel you.” David arrogantly smiled.
“David, your tone is really not small.”
Just then, a majestic voice sounded, and everyone looked back and saw Mr. Kyle walking violently from the elevator entrance. .
Seeing that Mr. Kyle’s face was quite ugly, David and the others suddenly had a bad feeling in their hearts.

“Mr. Kyle, are you going out?” David said with a shy smile.
“Huh!” Kyle looked at David with an angry face, and said in a deep voice, “I ask you, Stephen has always performed very well in the company, why did you fire him? And you are the sales department. Yes, what qualifications do you have to expel someone from the Security Department? Who gives you the right?”

“The bad use of authority fired good employees of the company for no reason, David, unless you now apologize to Stephen and obtain Stephen’s forgiveness. Otherwise I will fire you immediately!” Kyle shouted in a deep voice.
“Huh?” David trembled, not knowing what was going on.
Seeing Mr. Kyle with an uncontrollable face, his feet trembled slightly.
The security guards such as Richard were also dumbfounded. Didn’t you say that Hao Xia would always fire Stephen?

What does this mean?
Stephen looked at Kyle, who was tantrum at David, and a sneer was drawn in the corner of his eyes.


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