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Sincerely, Africa is Africa’s biggest problem!!

Arresting Omah Lay and Tems in Uganda is really annoying and I think Ugandan Police just want to wake trouble where trouble is sleeping.

What Really Happened?

After their performance at a concert in Uganda’s capital city, Kampala, Nigerian artistes, Omah Lay and Tems got arrested by Uganda police for disobeying the country’s COVID-19 rule.

The two Nigerian artistes were immediately charged to court in Makindye on charges of Negligently doing acts likely to spread an infectious disease C/S 171 of the Penal Code Act.

The earlier plans of releasing them on police bond were suspended after their casefile was sanctioned by the Office of the DPP.

They were jointly charged with four other Ugandans. All remanded till Wednesday 16th December 2020.

Our Thoughts On This

It’s more like Ugandan Police wants to use Nigerian artistes, Omah Lay and Tems to make the world believe that they are taking COVID-19 rules seriously in their country.

First of all, Omah Lay and Tems are not citizens of Uganda and it is practically impossible for them to be aware the country’s COVID-19 rule.

The organizers of the event are Ugandans, they should be prosecuted to bringing in foreign entertainers to perform when there are strict COVID-19 rules on the ground.

The question is, why is it that, No Ugandan musician was arrested on that day? Why did Ugandan Police arrest and prosecute Nigerians without notice to the Nigerian Embassy in their country?

If Omah Lay and Tems were American artistes like Drake and Cardi B, would they have arrested them charge them to court just like that?

The most annoying part of this issue is that Ugandan President, Museveni was campaigning a few days ago in the midst of the crowd and yet the Ugandan Police had the audacity to arrest Omah Lay and Tems.

See Photos Below:-

Uganda should just declare that they don’t want Nigerian artistes in their country again after which they should free Tems and Omah Lay. Like Now!!

Guys, What Are Your Thoughts On This?

Do You Think This Omah Lay & Tems Arrest In Uganda Is Right Or Wrong?

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