Top 6 Favourite Luxury Places of Football Players


Football is the world’s most popular sport that attracts billions of fans all over the globe.

As such, football generates a lot of money and helps many players to earn millions every year. According to the report, top-paying athletes in this field make well above $100 million a year.

But the situation is not so bad for other professional soccer players. A study reveals that the average weekly wage for an English Premier League player has risen above £50 thousand.

To put it simply, a typical footballer becomes a millionaire in less than a year.

In such circumstances, it’s not surprising to learn that most of these athletes spend tens of thousands while on a vacation.

There are so many examples of football players having mind-boggling summer breaks, but we want to show you the six most exclusive cases here. Let’s take a look!

Mind-Blowing Summer Breaks

The list of high-end summer destinations is long and distinguished.

It includes luxurious resorts such as the North Island in Seychelles, the Pikaia Lodge in Ecuador, the Bisate Lodge in Rwanda, or the Costa Rican Villa Manzu.

But where do football players go in the off-season? The most popular vacations are these:

1. Ibiza: Lionel Messi and Luis Suarez

Travel authors at Aussie writings describe Ibiza as a “little piece of Spanish paradise.”

The island of Ibiza is situated between Spain’s east coast and the much bigger island of Mallorca.

People also call it the party capital of the world, which is why it often hosts VIPs and celebrities.

Barcelona’s Lionel Messi and Luis Suarez visited Ibiza on their super yacht last year.

Instagram was flooded with their pictures in local night clubs, exclusive restaurants, and beach bars, but they also went diving and sailing around.

2. Las Vegas: Cristiano Ronaldo and Frank Lampard

Las Vegas, Nevada, is one of the most popular destinations for football players who can’t imagine a holiday without a fair share of partying and gambling.

The so-called playground for grown-ups, Las Vegas attracted Cristiano Ronaldo and Frank Lampard, but the desert city also hosted many other athletes, including Wayne Rooney and Rio Ferdinand.

It’s impossible to discover how much they spent in Las Vegas, but rest assured we are talking about a small fortune here.

3. Maldives: The Beckham Family

David Beckham used to be (and still is) one of the most popular faces in the football universe, so he knows quite a lot about the best tourist destinations.

He spent a vacation in the Maldives with his family, enjoying the tropical lagoons and the open sea view.

A local Niyama private island is considered to be highly expensive, but it’s certainly not an issue for good old David.

Our fellow colleagues at Essay Geeks told us that it was not only Beckham who visited the Maldives.

It seems like Luis Suarez and Cristiano Ronaldo can’t get enough of traveling, so they visited this paradise island last year as well.

4. Ibiza: Cesc Fabregas

We go to Ibiza once again, but this time to tell you the story of Cesc Fabregas and his fiancé, Daniella Semaan.

A famous couple proves the Spanish island is not only a partying epicenter but also a lovely place for a family vacation.

Cesc and Daniella went to Ibiza with their three kids. They seized the opportunity to relax in a luxury villa, but there was also enough time for sunbathing on the San Antonio beach and wandering around the local old town of Dalt Vila.

5. Portugal: Steven Gerard and John Terry

Football players don’t just go to the east side of the Iberian Peninsula. On the contrary, the west is also popular since the likes of Steven Gerard and John Terry like to visit Portugal.

As a matter of fact, Gerard loved it so much that he bought a house in Quinta do Lago.

It’s a five-star resort with everything a man could hope for: luxury accommodation, incredible wine and food, and the much-needed peace of mind that helps football players take a rest after the season.

6. Miami: Angel di Maria and Daniel Sturridge

Bloggers at the college paper agency praise Miami for its amazing modern architecture and design solutions that make this city a true gem of coastal Florida.

Besides that, Miami is recognized as an exclusive nightlife destination, which is why it attracts a lot of young football players.

Some of the best players who stayed in Miami are Angel di Maria and Daniel Sturridge, but Carlos Tevez, Bojan Krkic, and Martin Skrtel remain our honorable mentions.


Being a pro football player is not easy, but it does come with a few benefits.

These athletes earn so much that they can afford exclusive holidays in some of the world’s most prestigious destinations.

In this post, we presented the six most expensive vacations of football players.

We can hardly earn this much money in our lifetimes, but we can at least sit back and enjoy these incredible vacation stories!

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